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Off-Piste/ Backcountry Unprepared components of a mountain where the snow is left in its natural state, primarily anywhere that is not a piste/trail. If it has snowed lately the snow hear will certainly be very soft, and you will certainly penetrate it. Snow Park/ Terrain Park A particularly developed location for freestyle skiers and also boarders, with jumps, rails, boxes, and also half pipes, and so on.

( Can get untidy) Chair Lift A lift that takes skiers and boarders up the hill, with them resting on a chair and also resting their skis or boards on a bar. Magic Rug/ Conveyor Belt A relocating carpet that skiers and boarders can stand on, and get taken up an incline.

T-Bar A lift that draws skiers and boarders up an incline, with a T form bar hanging from an overhead cord. Button Lift/ Poma Lift/ Platter Lift A lift that pulls skiers as well as boarders up an incline, with a button shape attachment hanging from an overhanging wire. Gondola A lift where people enter a cabin, and are taken up a mountain.

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Cord Car A lift where people get involved in a cabin to be occupied a mountain, yet with just one cabin on a wire. Piste Basher/ Groomer/ Snowcat A special device that is made use of to compress, move and squash the snow that gets on the piste/trail. Snow Cannon A cannon that sprays water right into the cool air at stress to produce fabricated snow.

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Powder Normally fallen snow that has actually not been compressed, which you will certainly penetrate a whole lot. Slush Snow that is melting, after having actually thawed and also refrozen before, making it constructed of ice crystals rather than snow crystals. Ice When it has actually not snowed for some time the pistes/trails will end up being extra solid as well as icy, that makes it tougher to press the ski edges into the snow, as well as generally minimizes your control.

Snow Crystal A crystal developed by water cold in the environment with a really fine structure, unlike that of ice. Fabricated Snow Man-made snow that has been made by a snow cannon. The snow crystals in man-made snow are not as fine as in natural snow, giving synthetic snow buildings much more like ice.

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When an incline has great deals of little fatality cookies on it, it can be like skiing on marbles, making it more difficult to manage the skis. Avalanche Where an unstable layer of natural snow breaks away and also takes a trip down an incline. They can be begun normally or by skiers and also snowboarders, as well as can be of various sizes and kinds.

To learn more please read the summary in the Snow and also Weather condition web page - check out Snow Gaper. Flat Light Climate where the cloud cover is so thick that the light comes from all instructions producing no darkness on the snow. This makes it extremely challenging to see bumps or also the slope of the snow.

Gust Where the wind modifications toughness dramatically. A gust is a duration of wind where the wind is dramatically stronger than its ordinary strength. Roller A location of snow where the slope obtains flatter as well as then steeper again. They can be used to embark on of the flatter area and arrive at the steeper area, however rollers can likewise make it tough to see what is on the steeper component. by Snow Gaper.

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Twist A specially constructed and formed jump, for skiers as well as snowboarders. Generally located in snowparks (surface parks). go to Snow Gaper. Rail A steel rail for sliding along on skis or a snowboard, generally discovered in a snow park (surface park). Half Pipeline A U-shape run that skiers and also boarders go through embarking on the sides.

Alpine Skiing The most usual kind of snowboarding, where the both the heel and also toe of a ski boot are securely secured to a ski. The sort of winter sports that this site is about. Freestyle A design of skiing/snowboarding that is based highly on performing methods, leaping with rotates and gets hold of, and also riding rails.

All-Mountain A style of skiing/snowboarding that covers all kinds of skiing/riding. It is a general term that is utilized for skiing/riding a little bit of everything without being experts in anything. Heli-Skiing Winter sports where a helicopter takes people to the top of the mountain. Made use of to go to off the beaten track off-piste/backcountry routes.

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Slope The angle of which a surface factors downwards at. Traverse To travel across an incline at a best angle to its gradient. Change/ Fakie Skiing/riding in reverse. For skiing this means backwards along the skis, for snowboarding it indicates in the instructions along the board that is not set up as forwards.